Terms of Sale


  1. Prices subject to change without notice.
  2. Stenographic and Clerical errors subject to correction.
  3. Orders and contracts signed by salesmen or agents subject to the approval of an officer of this company.
  4. Orders and contracts contingent upon strikes, accidents, fires and others causes beyond our control.
  5. Promises of shipment of material not in stock are based upon promises received from the manufacturer there of or their agents and are not guaranteed.
  6. Special orders accepted and entered are not subject to cancellation.
  7. Our responsibility ceases on delivery of shipment in good order. If an outside delivery agent is used, Shore’s responsibility ceases on delivery to that carrier.
  8. Merchandise may not be returned unless Shore has agreed to accept it. Shore reserves the right to charge 25% or more for re‐stocking, handling, freight, and re‐packaging on all returned goods. All transportation costs for returned goods must be paid by buyer. All returns must be accompanied by original invoice, in original cartons, in resalable condition within 30 days of sale.
  9. Should any material furnished by us prove defective, we will upon notice, take it back or replace it upon manufacturers’ approval. No claims will be allowed for expense incurred in using or repairing such material.
  10. A service charge of 2% per month will be added to all amounts past due.
  11. A reasonable collection charge will be imposed upon default of payment
  12. A $25.00 fee will be charged for any returned checks.
  13. Consumer Protection Warranty, Shore Distributors, Inc. does not warrant expressed or implied, including no implicit warranty or merchantability or implied warranty for fitness for a particular purpose, and Shore Distributors, Inc. will not be responsible for any damages whatsoever, nor for labor, utilities, or transportation expenses relating to such replacement or such repair.
  14. 24 hour emergency phone number for hazardous materials 1‐800‐424‐9300.
  15. No returns on: electronic parts, controls or thermostats, etc. All sales are final.